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UBOS aims to empower anyone to build applications by hiding the complexity of the software development lifecycle

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Flexible and sustainable architecture is key to handle business-critical and complex enterprise processes

7X faster time to market

Accelerate your application development with visual modeling and pre-built components

50% less cost, time and complexity

Compose your application with reusable components for many common problems

80% focus on business tasks

Stop wasting your time on technical issues and start solving critical business tasks

200+ Pre-built connectors

Create web services/API with no coding
Connect to most databases or anything with a REST, gRPC API or GraphQL



An intuitive visual drag&drop interface with a rich library of React.js widgets. Give developers the ability to quickly create different views and deploy them in ONE click without any knowledge of the code.

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Connect to any data source such as API and third party apps, Databases. Visualize and execute different integration flows using a single tool. Provide high visibility for all the system/server logic and make fast integration with any legacy or external systems by using a wide range of communication protocols (HTTP, SOAP, Socket ...).

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Flow editor is based on Node-RED. Node-RED is a visual tool created by IBM Emerging Technology and the open source community for developing APIs, hardware devices (IoT) and different online services. You can create complex flow with wide range of nodes and modules (3100+) and extend flow with any Node.js packages available in public repository (225,000) or create your custom node.


Сreate a production-ready database service with a couple of clicks and no-code. The database will be automatically configured and established in the Kubernetes cluster under your namespace.

Supported databases:
  • - MongoDB
  • - Postgres
  • - MySQL

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Manage multiple low-code editors into a single workspace and switch between in realtime with no reloading

UBOS integrates the following technologies

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Low-code is a software development approach that requires little to no coding in order to build applications and processes.

It involves using tools with an intuitive, drag-and-drop visual interface to create a unique solution to a problem instead of extensive coding languages. The resulting solution can take many forms—from building mobile, voice, or ecommerce apps and websites to automating any number of tasks or processes.
The world is changing every day, and the latest technology is updated even more often.☄️

Today, more than ever, the question of time and money is acute.

Let's be honest: everyone wants to spend less and earn more. And all this, of course, in a short period of time. So, what can makes it better than the low code platform?😎

You don’t need to invest in expensive training programs for your employees. You can have them build apps faster, with less training. And all of this makes your business more revenue.👐
But, low code does not mean no code at all. ☝️
This is only a significant relief when creating a new product. A lot of the development becomes visual, using modules and templates that can be freely sourced from the Internet.

Low code isn't a distant future. It's right here. So if you haven't tried it yet - the time has come!
✔️Improves Productivity - business users, who have many ideas with creating product, shouldn' t wait for developers to implement it. They can create it with their own.😎

✔️Saves Money - returning to the topic about ideas, we emphasize that when business users can create a product with their own, they will not spend large sums on software developers.

✔️Improves Development Speed - creating a product with low code takes less time than usual.

✔️Makes Maintenance Easier - with traditional applications, maintenance and upgrading take ages. Developers have to manually fix mistakes and add new features. But, with low - code the amount of bugs decreased at times. So it becomes really easier in service👌

Haven't try the low - code yet? We advice you to start doing it right now 😉
If you are a person who is just starting to create a new project and hasn't fully understood the principles of working with writing code yet or a skilfull developer who wants to save money - low code system is what you really need.✔️

🔹The main advantage of using this platform is that this system saving your money and time.

🔹 In general, UBOS low code platform have access to a variety of premade functionality that doesn't require the creation of basic modules from scratch.
✅Some have premade tools for managing customer data or processes (such as sales or service).
Users have access to a visual development environment. They can select any functional elements from the library, connect them visually to the workflow, and create their own application there.

🔹Low-code accelerates software development, as well as greatly facilitates the debugging and testing of applications.

✅ More and more people choose this system, because it greatly facilitates the start-up work and provides opportunities for successful site creation.
Low-code customization has gained traction due to the possibilities it creates for any business.
So, being an important part of the CRM system, low code tools allows everyone who is connected with the business, to create their own solutions. 💪

These solutions improve customer experience and optimize their work.✔️

🔸CRM technologies can be used in different ways: sales, marketing, service, or contact center.
We've prepared for you the most popular examples of low-code CRM customization:

🔹 Data management
🔹 Customer engagement instruments
🔹 Cross-device capabilities
🔹 Onboarding automation

So, as you see, low code has many important advantages, and you can start to use it right now
Market insight

Why use low code development frameworks?

“By 2024, low-code application development will be responsible for more than 65% of application development activity“


“According to Forrester, with Low-Code, organisations can build new apps 6 to 20 times faster. These platforms streamline and accelerate the app development, thanks to less manual effort being required, thus achieving a substantial reduction in the IT projects backlog.“


“Low code/ no-code solutions have the potential to reduce the development time by 90%.“

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