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Why choose UBOS for Your Startup?

The quicker you can develop and deploy your web applications, the faster you can reach your market and start making an impact

Fast Time-to-Market

Rapid Development and Deployment – streamline your development process with UBOS’s fast and efficient tools, significantly reducing the time from concept to deployment.

100+ Templates

Access a wide range of pre-designed templates on UBOS Asset Marketplace, enabling quick and effortless creation of complex applications.

Pro/Low/No – Code Synergy

Harness the full potential of both pro-code and low-code methodologies, boosting software engineering productivity by 300%.

Full Code Ownership

UBOS ensures your startup avoids vendor lock-in, offering open source tools and multiple code export options.

AI-Powered Solutions

Easily orchestrate ML models and Generative AI services like Open AI and ElevenLabs to create sophisticated, AI-driven applications.

Use your AWS startup credits

UBOS offers a unique “Bring Your Own Cloud” (BYOC) model, allowing startups to utilize their existing cloud accounts and resources, such as AWS startup credits.

Trusted by startups and enterprises worldwide

  • Facebook
  • Disney
  • Airbnb
  • Apple
  • Spark
  • Samsung
  • Quora
  • Sass
  • Sass

Own Your Code

With UBOS, you retain full ownership of your code and intellectual property, making it one of the most open platforms available for startups.

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Open Source Tools

All tools on UBOS are open source, ensuring transparency and flexibility in your development process.

Multiple Export Options

Easily export your solution’s code. Each service which you create on UBOS is linked to a Git repository for complete code accessibility.

Docker Image and Helm Chart

UBOS allows you to package your applications as Docker Images or Helm Charts, giving you the freedom to deploy outside the UBOS platform

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