UBOS-template-CRM is a powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that enables efficient management of contacts, deals, and lists. It is integrated with Node-RED, UIeditor, and MongoDB, providing flexibility and scalability.

Key Features

  1. Contact Management: Add, edit, and delete contacts, storing important client information.

  2. Deal Management: Create deals associated with contacts, track their status, edit details, and delete when necessary.

  3. List Management: Create contact lists based on various criteria, add and remove contacts from these lists, and edit list information.

  4. Data Filtering: Filter data based on “Deal Owner”, “Deal Stage”, “List Creator”, “Lead Status”, and “Contact Owner” for better organization and accessibility.

  5. Demo Mode: After installing the template, upon the first login, a demo version automatically launches, populating the CRM with artificial data to help users quickly understand how the system works.

  6. Switching between Demo and Real Data: On the “Page Management” page, you can disable the demo mode by toggling the switch. After disabling the demo version, the CRM system switches to using real collections in the database. This allows you to keep demo data separate from real data.

This CRM system provides convenient and efficient customer relationship management, helping to improve productivity and organization within your business.

Please note that all user data in the demo mode is AI-generated, and any resemblance to actual data is purely coincidental!

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