Visual Drag&Drop Editor

Construct Internal Applications with 10x Accelerated Speed and Ease, such as:

UI for Machine Learning Apps
Admin panels / Backoffice systems
Client portals
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Rapidly Create Stunning User Interfaces with pre-made widgets

Intuitive visual drag & drop interface and rich library of React.js widgets, you can streamline your application development process and empower your engineers and citizen developers to create amazing user experiences.

  • 70+ Pre-made UI Widgets
  • Custom Theme
  • Share widgets on Marketplace
  • Generate custom widgets with ChatGPT

Powerfull Single Page Application

A completely interactive SPA featuring dynamic triggers and actions for seamless user experience

Develop on-the-go, from any location

Embed inline JavaScript or utilize reusable chunks of code to enhance the capabilities of your apps

  • Compose reusable code in an IDE-like editor, enriched with autocomplete, multiline editing, debugging, and linting capabilities.
  • Effortlessly link data or implement logic in widget properties using JS toggles
  • Simply fetch data with API Manager like Postman

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