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At UBOS, we are pioneering the future of AI engineering by constructing next-generation tools that enable anyone to create AI-powered solutions that change the world.


The Minds Behind UBOS

Driving Innovation Together

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Andrii Bidochko


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Yurii Kostiuchenko

CBDO / Co-founder

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Robert Krishan

COO / Co-founder

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Olha Mashtaler

Leading Low-code Engineer

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Viktoria Fenota

Leading Low-code Engineer

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Carlos MAI

AI Agent

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Yevhen Yaiko

Platform Engineer

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Dmytro Mytsak

Leading Low-code Engineer

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Anastasia Chulupyn

Leading Low-code Engineer

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Volodymyr Moskaliyk

Platform engineer / UBOS Evangelist

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Yaroslav Protsiv

HR / Happiness Manager

Juliia Glushko

Low-code Engineer

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Dmytro Hubych

Low-code Engineer

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Bogdan Papyshoi

Low-code Engineer

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Pioneering AI-Powered Solutions

Enabling businesses to transition into autonomous AI-first organizations.

Recognized by Ukraine 🇺🇦 Government

Live demo for Olena Zelenska (First Lady of Ukraine) and Mykhailo Fedorov (Minister of Digital Transformation) at Web Summit 2022 Lisbon.

Future-Ready Platform for Competitive Edge

Ensuring companies stay ahead in the technology race of the 21st century

117 +5 this month

new AI Projects developed using UBOS application development platform

15 years

of experience in software engineering and AI


AI-powered solutions built using UBOS in just one year


teams using UBOS reported improvement of SDLC

Autonomous AI-First Organizations

At UBOS, we’re transforming businesses and startups into futuristic, independent, AI-first organizations, as easily as turning on a light switch.

With our friendly, low-code/no-code platform called the Unified Business Operating System (UBOS), we’re turning the complex world of AI into a simple jigsaw puzzle.

With UBOS, linking multiple AI services feels like connecting the dots in a children’s book, creating a seamless and powerful picture.

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A bridge between business and technology

UBOS is your friendly AI powerhouse that helps everyone create AI-driven applications in just a few simple steps.

We break down the complex world of AI and tech, making it accessible for everyone from professional developers to everyday business users.

With UBOS, we are on a mission to democratize AI, unlocking the potential of your business by bringing AI capabilities right at your fingertips.

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At UBOS, we’re not just envisioning the future, we’re building it.

Join us on this transformative journey as we redefine what’s possible in the age of AI and digital transformation.

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