UBOS Platform Overview

All-in-one cloud platform to make your application scalable, secure and easy to manage without any DevOps

Low-code/No-code tools for AI
Modern SDLC: Deployment/Monitoring/Testing
Open Source Tools, Frameworks, Models, Templates and Infrastructure Components
Collaborate in cloud Workspaces
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Transform your software development process with our no-code/low-code platform – perfect for both business users and professional developers alike

Key Statistics on Software Development Challenges

Lack of tools


of all developers, lack the necessary tools to build applications quickly enough

Legacy systens


of IT leaders spend a significant amount of time maintaining legacy systems

Hire and retain


of companies are struggling to hire and retain software engineering talent

Old technology


of businesses are being held back by old technology

Deploy faster

AI for any Use Case

No-code/Low-code Platform for Large Language Models (LLMs)

AI Assistants & Agents
Seamlessly integrate APIs like Open AI, or chain multiple LLMs and custom ML models
Admin Panels
Build custom admin panels, CRM, ERP infused with AI to effectively manage sales, documents, contracts, and more
AI Dashboards
Create dynamic dashboards that transform data into actionable insights and fuel innovation for your business using LLMs
Chatbots & Integrations
Easily create a chatbot to improve customer support using ChatGPT and Private Knowledge Base

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