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AI-powered software, AI Assistants/Chatbots, AI Agents, Intelligent Automation…
Deploy and host
AI and LLM-based Applications with best in class cloud infrastructure & k8s
Open Source
Own Your Code. Multiple export options: Git, Docker Image or Helm Charts
Pro, Low, & No-code Dev Tools, Frameworks, AI Models, Templates and 1000+ APIs

Use the world’s most powerful AI models

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What can you do using UBOS?

RAG framework for your LLM Apps

Retrieval-Augmented Generation.


The Power of Large Language Models through Visual Programming. Retrieving facts from an external knowledge base. Leverage the power of Open AI API, ChatGPT, and Chroma DB in one seamless workflow.
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Custom AI Chatbot for Business

Create Custom AI Bot in 10 minutes with Text, Voice and Video support

Train AI Bot on your data

Omnichannel communication

+ Create AI Bot

Unleash the Potential of Edge AI and IoT with UBOS

Effortless Integration, Infinite Possibilities


Discover how UBOS, integrated with Node-Red, simplifies Edge AI and IoT. Witness our success in the DOOH industry, where UBOS managed a fleet of camera-equipped devices and Nvidia Jetson for real-time object detection. Innovate effortlessly with UBOS.
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Everything you need to deploy your AI application

Future-Proof Your Business with Operating System for Business 3.0


LLM-Based Systems Integration – ChatGPT and More: Seamlessly integrate leading LLMs like Llama 2 from Meta into your business operations. This integration enables advanced conversational AI capabilities, enhancing customer service, support, and internal workflows.
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What is UBOS Platform?

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Open Source templates to craft AI projects

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Generative AI Bot Template
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AI Video Generator
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Own Your Code

With UBOS, you retain full ownership of your code and intellectual property, making it one of the most open platforms available for startups.

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Open Source Tools

All tools on UBOS are open source, ensuring transparency and flexibility in your development process.

Multiple Export Options

Easily export your solution’s code. Each service which you create on UBOS is linked to a Git repository for complete code accessibility.

Docker Image and Helm Chart

UBOS allows you to package your applications as Docker Images or Helm Charts, giving you the freedom to deploy outside the UBOS platform


Learn How to Build Custom AI Apps

We break down complex concepts into easy-to-follow guides, from understanding the functionalities of popular AI tools to step-by-step walkthroughs on creating your own applications.


Learn how to get started with
UBOS platform

Our comprehensive documentation provides step-by-step instructions for setting up and configuring your applications. Get the most out of our low-code application development platform.

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Share Your Knowledge and Learn from Others

Our Community Portal is your one-stop shop for all things UBOS. Connect with other engineers and citizen developers, ask for advice, and get expert tips and tricks to help you succeed.

Frequently asked questions

Low-code is a software engineering approach that crushes technology complexity, minimizing hand-coding.

UBOS low-code platform is a tool’s library that enables the visual development of many systems through modeling and a graphical interface.

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