• February 8, 2024
  • 3 min read

User Settings: Streamlining Your UBOS Experience

UBOS continues to enhancing user experience with the latest updates to User Settings.

General: Customizing Your UBOS Profile

The General section of User Settings on UBOS provides users with the tools to personalize their profile and manage essential details for a seamless platform experience. Here, users can input additional information such as social profile URLs and company names, allowing them to enhance their identity and preferences within the UBOS ecosystem. Alongside these customization options, users also have the convenience of resetting their passwords, ensuring security and ease of access to their UBOS account.

Billing: Simplified Financial Management

Managing finances in the cloud has never been easier, thanks to the revamped Billing section on UBOS. This update introduces a sleek and intuitive interface designed to streamline financial transactions and expenditure monitoring. Key features include:

Account Top-Up Section: Users can effortlessly add funds to their account, with transparent terms and conditions ensuring clarity and compliance.

Payment Method Management: Integration with Stripe enables secure and efficient payment processing, allowing users to manage their payment details with ease.

Balance and Spending Overview: A concise summary provides users with real-time insights into their account balance, spending trends, and upcoming billing cycles.

Workspaces Management: A dedicated section enables users to oversee and manage their workspaces effortlessly, with detailed information on server types, pricing, and workspace status.

Billing Information: Convenient access to billing details ensures users can review and update their account information with ease, maintaining accuracy and up-to-date records.

Usage: Insights for Informed Decisions

The Usage section empowers users with comprehensive analytics on service consumption and associated costs. Key features include:

Date Range and Cost Overview: Users can filter usage data and track total costs incurred since the creation of servers, providing valuable insights into ongoing expenses.

Cost Metrics and Graphical Representations: Granular breakdowns and visual representations aid in understanding usage patterns and spending trends over time.

Usage Invoices: Detailed invoices offer clarity on individual server usage and associated costs, with options to download invoices for reference.

Total Usage by Servers Pie Chart: A percentage breakdown facilitates quick identification of resource-intensive servers, optimizing resource allocation.

Server Filter and Usage Breakdown Bar Chart: Interactive elements enable users to analyze usage trends for different servers, empowering them to optimize resource utilization effectively.

In summary, the latest updates to User Settings on UBOS underscore the platform’s commitment to delivering a seamless and empowering user experience. From personalized user information to streamlined financial management and insightful usage analytics, these updates ensure that users can maximize the potential of UBOS with confidence and ease.

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