• March 16, 2024
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Predictions of Tim Berners-Lee

A Look into the Future: Predictions by Tim Berners-Lee, the Inventor of the World Wide Web

As we navigate through the digital age, it’s always intriguing to ponder what the future might hold. The World Wide Web, a creation that has revolutionized our lives, continues to evolve at a rapid pace. Who better to shed light on its future than its inventor, Tim Berners-Lee? On the 35th anniversary of the World Wide Web, Berners-Lee shared his predictions for the next 35 years.

1. Everyone Will Have a Personal AI Assistant

According to Berners-Lee, the advent of AI will transform our interaction with the internet. He predicts that each of us will have a personal AI assistant that works for us. “Some people worry about whether, in 35 years, AI will be more powerful than us. One of the things I predict — but it’s something we may have to fight for — is you will have an AI assistant, which you can trust, and it works for you, like a doctor,” he said.

2. Ownership of Our Data Across All Platforms

Another prediction by Berners-Lee is that we will regain control over our data. Instead of tech giants like Google, Meta, Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft controlling our data, we will own our data through a data store or “pod.” This idea aligns with the growing demand for privacy and data security. Berners-Lee explained, “You’ll think of your data pod as your digital space, you’ll think of it as being one thing you’re very comfortable with.”

3. A Big Tech Company Could Get Broken Up

The future may see a big tech company being forced to break up, according to Berners-Lee. Rapid advancements in AI and the existence of monopolies in the tech industry could lead to regulatory actions that break up these companies. However, he did not specify which company that might be.

These predictions by Berners-Lee offer a fascinating glimpse into the future of the World Wide Web. As we continue to rely heavily on digital technologies, it’s essential to stay informed about potential changes and developments. For more insights and updates on technology and AI, visit UBOS.

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