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Digital Enterprise System for Israel air conditioning provider to manage internal operations and Field Service for 2000+ Employees


The existing digital tools needed coherence and efficiency, from fully integrated business systems to basic Excel spreadsheets and Access databases. The need for a unified system seamlessly integrating with their SAP and AS/400 ERP solutions was paramount to streamline operations across various departments, including warehouses, inventory management, and field service.

A significant challenge in managing and optimizing the workflow of their field crews: Operating across Israel’s diverse and expansive geographical landscape, the company’s crews needed a system that could adapt to the dynamic and mobile nature of their daily operations.


One of the largest companies in Israel, mainly engages in the import, production, marketing, distribution and sale of air conditioners and air conditioning systems to the domestic, commercial and industrial markets and maintenance of these products. In addition, the group is engaged in solutions in the area of energy Efficiency


  • Product catalog (Categories, Series)
  • SAP, Woocommerce, Internal ERP
  • AC Error Code, Maintance, Parts
  • Warranty & Payments flows
  • Social module, News & Notifications
  • Benefit points system, Internal Shop
  • User management, Advanced granular permissions
  • File manager, System modules

Number of users


Development time & Team size

11 months

2 UBOS Engineers

Solution It’s all about speed

Leveraging’s low-code/no-code platform, Tadiran and UBOS created a transformative, modular digital solution, enhancing web and mobile experiences for over 40 warehouse users, 100+ inventory managers, and 2000+ field service employees. This collaboration streamlined the company’s operations with 25+ system modules, significantly boosting its digital efficiency.

The UBOS platform was the perfect solution for this challenge. We utilized our low-code/no-code development approach to create a custom digital Enterprise system that met the specific needs of our client. Our platform allowed us to quickly and easily develop and integrate various modules, such as ERP, CRM, and Field service management, into a single, cohesive system.

  • 15x

    Operation Cost saving

  • 250%

    increase in Sales

  • 9.3%

    boost in reply rates across sales outreach

  • 2x

    faster than previous Preline versions

Authorization Module

Complete solution for securing your system. With a user-friendly Login Screen, you can easily control access to your system.

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Product Catalog System: SAP and WooCommerce Integration

A product Catalog Management System is the ultimate solution for managing your product catalog. Advanced Product Creation Flow allows you to create new products quickly and easily, with customizable options for product attributes, pricing, and more.

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Create new product

Air Conditioner Error Codes and Installer Guides Management

Error Code and Installer Guide Management System is the ultimate solution for air conditioner companies. The system allows you to easily manage and access error codes and installer guides, making it easy for your team to troubleshoot issues and provide effective solutions to your customers.

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Error code data

Error codes

Custom features

Field service management

The ultimate solution for companies looking to streamline their field service operations. The system allows you to easily manage payment history, ensuring that your team is paid accurately and on time. Additionally, our system provides detailed information about fieldwork, allowing you to track work orders, customer information, and job completion status.

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