Service ERP is a comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system tailored specifically for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) involved in servicing a wide array of equipment, ranging from coffee machines to electrical appliances, as well as providing rental services. This template aims to streamline and optimize various aspects of your business operations, ensuring efficient management of repair services, inventory, and related processes.


  1. User Management: Create user accounts with designated roles, such as admin or technician, ensuring controlled access and appropriate permissions.

  2. Category Management: Establish categories for equipment and goods, facilitating seamless organization and management.

  3. Warehouse Management: Create and manage warehouses or addresses associated with your business operations, enabling efficient tracking and organization of inventory across different locations.

  4. Component Management: Create and edit spare parts utilized in repairs and as consumables, providing a centralized repository for managing spare part details, inventory levels, suppliers, and pricing information.

  5. Catalog/Equipment Management: Create, view, and edit details related to the primary goods and equipment, enabling comprehensive management of items being repaired, rented out, or held in inventory.

  6. QR Code Generation: Generate and print QR codes for various business purposes, enhancing efficiency and enabling future integration with QR code-based solutions.

  7. Repair Management: Create and manage repair jobs, add utilized spare parts, assign technicians, track progress, and generate PDF reports or certificates upon completion, ensuring efficient coordination and execution of repair activities.

  8. Scalability: The template is designed to be scalable, allowing for future growth and evolving business requirements, provided that users possess the requisite technical skills and familiarity with the platform.

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