• March 13, 2024
  • 3 min read

Demystifying AI: XGBoost, LLM, RAG and Their Impact on Business Operations

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been making waves in the modern world, revolutionizing various sectors and creating a paradigm shift in how we operate. From healthcare to finance, and marketing to customer service, AI’s impact is far-reaching. However, to leverage its potential fully, it’s crucial to understand the different AI techniques and their applications. This article delves into three such techniques – XGBoost, Language Model (LLM), and Retrieval Augment Generation (RAG), their roles in handling different types of data, and their transformative impact on business operations. We’ll also explore how platforms like UBOS are democratizing AI app development.

AI Techniques: XGBoost, Language Model (LLM), and Retrieval Augment Generation (RAG)

AI techniques are methods or approaches used in the design and implementation of AI systems. Three such techniques that have gained prominence in recent years include XGBoost, Language Model (LLM), and Retrieval Augment Generation (RAG).

  • XGBoost: A machine learning algorithm, XGBoost is renowned for its speed and performance. It’s often used for supervised learning tasks where we predict an outcome based on input data.
  • Language Model (LLM): LLMs are used in natural language processing to predict the probability of a sequence of words. They’re key to many language-related tasks, such as speech recognition, machine translation, and spell correction.
  • Retrieval Augment Generation (RAG): RAG is a technique used in question answering systems. It combines the strengths of pre-trained language models and efficient information retrieval methods to generate responses.

Role of AI Techniques in Handling Different Types of Data

These AI techniques play a pivotal role in handling various types of data. XGBoost, with its robustness to outliers and missing values, is ideal for structured data. On the other hand, LLMs excel in handling unstructured text data, while RAG is perfect for tasks that require an understanding of context and the ability to retrieve relevant information.

AI Techniques

Impact of AI on Business Operations

AI is transforming business operations in unprecedented ways. From automating routine tasks to predicting future trends, AI is enabling businesses to operate more efficiently and make data-driven decisions. For instance, XGBoost can be used in credit scoring models to predict default risks, while LLMs can power chatbots for customer service. RAG can be used in recommendation systems to provide personalized suggestions to users. For more insights on AI’s business impact, check out this article.

UBOS and AI App Development

While AI holds immense potential, its adoption can be challenging due to the technical complexities involved. This is where platforms like UBOS come into play. UBOS is a platform that democratizes AI app development, making it accessible to everyone, irrespective of their technical expertise. With UBOS, you can develop AI apps using a low-code approach, as explained in this guide.


Understanding AI techniques like XGBoost, LLM, and RAG is key to leveraging AI’s potential. These techniques, with their unique capabilities, can handle different types of data and transform business operations. Platforms like UBOS are making AI more accessible, enabling businesses to tap into the power of AI without the need for extensive technical expertise.


  • What are some common applications of AI techniques?
    AI techniques are used in numerous applications, including speech recognition, machine translation, credit scoring, and recommendation systems.
  • What is the role of UBOS in AI app development?
    UBOS democratizes AI app development by providing a low-code platform where anyone, irrespective of their technical expertise, can develop AI apps.


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